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What a Whirlwind!

It's almost been 3 months since we dedicated ourselves to this mission. So much has happened! So many connections, conversations, networking and growth!

We now officially have removed over 3500lbs of debris from the shorelines of Nova Scotia and that doesn't include any poundage from our larger scale clean ups or any community clean ups we have participated in! We estimate that we have helped remove over 5000lbs of trash in total removed from our waterways.

As of today we have donated over $600 to other environmental and ocean loving groups including Back to the Sea Society, Sea Shepherds Halifax Chapter, Hope for Wildlife, the Cape Breton Environmental Association, Stop Trashing It, the Friend's of McNabs Society and the Nova Scotia Beach Garbage Awareness Organization. All of these donations are made possible by your support and our willingness to share. We want to see others succeed too!

We started only selling bracelets but now have branched out and teamed up with more local artists and offer a variety of things. We are in love with the reclaimed art up and are very happy to see some of the debris we find repurposed into beautiful things.

AND!!! Did you see us in the news?! Our spooky Halloween Shoreline Debris display got lots of attention being featured on CBC Radio, Global news, CTV news, CBC news, The Weather Network and even in the Huffington Post. We never expected it to create as much awareness as it did and we are so thankful.

Last but not least, we are officially starting to contract mpre shoreline cleaners! We sent our second #OceanWarrior out just the other day. It feels good to have our team grow!

So ... we are totally blown away with the growth we have seen in the last few months... and thankful. So very, very thankful. And humbled. And hopeful. There are so many of us out there that really do care and together we can make a difference. Together WE WILL make a difference.

Let's do this!

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