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Scots Bay Provincial Park Clean Up: The Great Lobster Band Hunt

We hit the shores of Scots Bay Provincial Park with over 40 volunteers for more than 2 hours! We had people from all around the province of all ages come and join us!

We did a quick weigh in and are going to say all the volunteers helped add another 400lbs (there was more but we don't like to exaggerate!) to the ever growing pile of garbage that the Friends of the Scots Bay Salt Marsh are always working on. The above picture is bags completely FULL of lobster bands found that day.

We were also very excited to have members of FIVE different shoreline clean up organizations work together on a common goal. We never think of this as a competition, just people with different reasons from different walks of life all joining forces! The more of us that work together, the bigger impact we can make!

A huge thanks to:

1. All of the amazing volunteers! You are incredible! Your smiles are uplifting!

2. Friends of the Scots Bay Salt Marsh: Your continued efforts are so appreciated!

3. Nova Scotia Beach Garbage Awareness: Thank you for coming and educating us on some of the I interesting finds! The octopus trap from Africa was pretty incredible!

4. Tidy Beaches: It's been amazing working with you and your positive attitudes!

5. Clean Up Project: You are always there to help with the heavy lifting and bringing more commited cleaners!

6: Valley Waste-Resource Management for being so willing to assist with the continual pick up of the shoreline debris!

7. Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up for the bags and gloves!

8. And a huge thank you to all the local businesses that donated prizes! Our participants were very thankful for the support and treats!

* *

CTV Atlantic News also did a story, "Come join us"

* * * * *

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