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Order online by email. Shipping costs vary. Pick up is available in Eastern Passage.


Rope Mats

Email or message us to see what colors we have in stock. We can arrange shipping or pick up. 
Prices range from $40-$60 per mat.
All of the rope we use is recycled and repurposed. We never buy new rope.


Rope Flowers

Another much loved repurposed product is our rope flowers. They are made from repurposed shoreline and end-of-life fishing rope. 


Sailors Wreath Kit

Learn how to tie a Sailors Wreath with repurposed end-of-life fishing rope. Instructions and rope included.


Rope Bowls, Trivet & Coasters

Another way to repurpose shoreline rope and end-of-life fishing gear is by making bowls, trivets and coasters! Every one is unique and helps divert waste from our landfills. 


Rope Rescues: Various Sizes

We actually have THREE sizes of the Rope Rescues. These are made by local artist, Bev Richard from shoreline and end-of-life fishing rope. The frame is handmade with repurposed lobster trap and housing lathe. 
   SMALL: $35 / LARGE: $50 / SHIPPING SIZE: $60   *** We can also arrange for custom sizes. Contact us for a quote!

Rope Products: Repurposed Items
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