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50,000lbs and Counting!

Drum Roll Please!!!!

Over the past 10 months we have grown from one family into a whole bunch of really incredible humans and clean up groups all working together to create awareness by collecting collaborative data! And today!!!! YES TODAY!!! That data hit the 50,000 pound mark!

The #goodhuman who hit this milestone with us was an extra special one because he is one of our smallest #OceanProtectors! It really goes to show that #everylitterbithelps and even the smallest of us can make a difference! Great job Luke!!!

A huge thank you to every single person who has joined in on the mission of cleaning up our #NovaScotia shorelines! Now let's keep this wave rollin'! . . . . . #OceanWarrior #GladToCleanUp #Everybitcounts #partnersinwastereduction #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #plasticOcean #cleanupteam #marinedebris Great Nova Scotia Pick-Me-Up Valley Waste-Resource Management Alderney Landing Farmers' Market Plastic Oceans International Greenpeace Halifax Clean Up Project Port Philip Matters Tidy Beaches Friends of the Scots Bay Salt Marsh McNabs Island Fisheries and Oceans Canada Bernadette Jordan Hello Dartmouth CBC Nova Scotia CTV Atlantic News Environment and Climate Change Canada - Weather Clean Annapolis River Project Cape Breton Environmental Association Nova Scotia ONE Garbage Bag Challenge

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