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New Years Day Clean Up

We decided to host a community clean up on New Years Day and it was a huge success. Over 20 people came and volunteered their time! We had lots of the younger generation join us too which is something that makes us happy.

The Eastern Passage community is where we call home and the people from here have shown us they want to be part of cleaning up our beautiful provinces shorelines. We had volunteers from Truro, Mount Uniacke and Dartmouth too!

After 2 hours of cleaning our group removed over 2000 pounds of debris from the shorelines. Junk Works Halifax came and helped us haul away the plastics, metals and other trash. The HRM Waste Team came and took the 10 tires we dug out of the mud and sand. Teamwork at it's finest. #TogetherIsBetter

We were so grateful when the steady stream of volunteers kept coming 🙏 It is an incredible feeling when we all work towards a common goal. It was a beautiful day and we were treated to a beautiful sunset.

We've decided that these large clean ups we organize will be included in our total poundage as of 2021. So including this one we are already over 6000lbs(2721kg)!

We can't wait for our next clean up!

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