A Year to Remember

2020, a year to forget or a year to remember? For us it will be definitely one to remember.

There was so much negative news around the globe this year, some of which really hit home. Nova Scotia may have succeeded in keeping the virus numbers low but other events rocked the hearts of many. We learned we are #NovaScotiaStrong and us Maritimers know how to get back up on our feet.

By the end of August, after losing my job, losing a friend, losing connections and losing touch with the outside world, I realized I needed to get back to making a positive difference.

That's when my family and I started Scotian Shores. I(Angela) started going on beach walks almost everyday, cleaning what I could and my children quickly followed. Other members of our extended family started joining in, then we started to see people from all over Nova Scotia take interest in our mission and join in our bigger organized clean ups. Friends and family purchased our bracelets that funded these clean ups and eventually the news got out about our mission of cleaning the shorelines of Nova Scotia: One pound at a time. We started to attend markets and met other local artists that joined in on the business side of things. Our website became live and things kept going from there.