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7 March 2021 COW BAY

Sunday Funday! Tomorrow's clean up is shaping up nice. Lots of interest and we even made some new signs from recycled/repurposed wood to help everyone find their way. The weather is looking good too!


💥 Dress warm in layers. Rubber boots, thick gloves and layers will ensure you stay comfortable while on the shoreline.

💥 Masks and physical distancing is encouraged. #Staysafe! If we have a large number of people come to help we will be asking people to do the surrounding areas. Just make sure the debris is brought back to the designated drop off points.

💥 There will be a film crew and photographers there. If you are uncomfortable on camera, please let us know.

💥 Participants will be asked to stay out of the marshes and sand dunes. Please follow signage and keep pets on their leashes. Safety and preserving the ecosystem are top priority!

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